Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Only a hardcore Clevelander would like...

... a day like today. Or not even. Bitter cold, wet and snowy, and a deep blue-gray dimness soaks the day.

My daughter hates the cold, and she hates the relentless heat and blaring sun in the summer. Somewhere moderate and slightly temperate is in her bones. Me, I've always taken it in stride--I've been here all my life, in Cleveland. I think that after a certain point it became an evocative link to other memories--weather and light do that--conjure up previous times and moods in the same conditions. If one were to switch to a drastically different climate after spending half his life in another, what would become of those memories? What would trigger them? Would nostalgia fade or grow stronger? Or simply become confused, like a puppy in his first snow?

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