Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grist for the Food Mill

... not the food processor.
Which is where the roasted tomatoes, garlic, and onion need to go--the food mill, that is. Food processors do a wonderful job of turning everything into a puree--problem is, you may not want everything pureed. In this case, after developing the sweet and fruity flavors of the tomatoes by roasting, I wanted to separate out the skin and seeds, which only contribute bitterness to the final sauce. The food mill takes extra work, but the subtleties in flavor are worth it. We call it food "preparation" because there is a process, a finesse, which takes it from raw ingredients to a meal. It may be a simple process, but with a purpose and intent; grist for the mill--but choose the right mill for the job.


Sinead said...

Sounds like the beginnings of something delicious. What kind of sauce?
What goes with it?
Is there more?


Mastro said...

Hey Sinead--just a simple tomato sauce; tomatoes, garlic, basil, a little onion, roasted in the oven and put through the mill. Some went on a pizza tonight, the rest into the freezer for who knows...
It's a great base to start with for any kind of red sauce preparation for pasta or whatever.