Sunday, February 3, 2008


Football puts me to sleep, as do most televised sports. I could be bouncing off the wall one moment, turn the TV on and before you know it, the drone of the unending chattering, crowd noise, and loooooong commercial breaks have all come together like a magical sleep-inducing spell. I know it's supposed to be exciting--and I'm sure it is--at least for the guys actually playing, but for me I might as well be watching an ant hill with a soundtrack recording of Niagara Falls.
Like so much, it's aesthetics. I have nothing against football or sports in general, but the association of a certain aesthetic (the look and sound of televised sports) combined with early experiences (lack of interest or understanding) has turned me off to the experience. I think we all have experiences combined with aesthetics which have turned us off or prejudiced us to specific things--certain types of movies, reading in general, various kinds of music--how many times have we heard the words, "I hate ____ music!", referring to a specific style or sound? What was the association which turned off the individual to such a broad range of experience?

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